Reviews for "K&K - High Seas"

K&K! Wow!

I've been at NG for a long time. Nowadays, I pretty much never give straight across 10s. This is just incredible. It sounds like you put an entire orchestra in your backyard (I think you did), conducted to them, recorded it here, and posted it. Seriously, if it was an orchestra, you could get good money off of concert halls. This is possibly one of the best pieces of music I've EVER heard. I listen to this, the trumpets... etc. blaring in the background - it's just so... so... amazing. You have the brass blaring, drums in the background, the percussion is incredible... and is this for a flash? If it is, then I simply cannot wait!

Please, I'm not sure if your reading this review. But these are some of the best tracks I've ever heard. You might possibly be one of the best on NG. So, please. Continue making these things - their quality is incredible, and your submission (if your making one) should be amazing... if this song gives you publicity, if a flash (again if your making it) goes front page, you'd deserve it.

Welcome to the most amazing audio submissions NG has ever seen!

Edgen responds:

'WOW! Thank you so much for the kind and inspirational words! I'm honored that you liked the track and I hope that you'll continue to keep checking back in on some new music. Just simply help out by spreading the word... Someone's gota be listening out there. all the best, /j


good job on rythm. pretty good orchestra right there. im 14 in the csun youth phill =D. i want a career in music maybe. good stuff here. next john williams right here =]. i look foreward to hearing to more of your sutff. keep it up. classical music forever <333.


Ok, now this was unexpected... Amazing! Which orchestra did you hire? ;)

One of the best

One of the best audio tracks ive heard on here.

Keep up the great work.


I loved this track, it's pure sweetness