Reviews for "Space Cinema"


the music is EXACTLY THE SAME MUSIC AS IN NARUTO that starts to play when he does sexy jutzu or something. good flash and WHERE DO U GOT THE MICHAEL JACKSON SPRITES?the other guys said that your sticks suck. not true even if i can draw better sticks with my left hand (I'm right handed).and as a filling, they're pretty good. 9/10 because i hated that loop. IT NEVER ENDS. EVEN IF I CLOSE THE WINDOW. maybe that's because it plays at the stereo too...

Paradox responds:

Naruto is rubbish, I just thought that one track was epic. Sprites were easy to find, just used Google.


that was ok but not very original. but im ice so ill give u a 9

Paradox responds:

wow, i'm still really surprised i get good feedback from this lame shit.


Really fun looking
but whats with MJ?

Paradox responds:



Michael Jackson?

Paradox responds:


dude fuĀ£"ing cool

i dont give sht what anyone says this is kick ass!
one prob more scenes but music funny lol thx for a cool game!

Paradox responds: