Reviews for "Space Cinema"


Hey, really liked this. Always wanted to be a film star. Some see this as pointless, but I found this to be more fun than the other webcam games on this site. :D

So, favouriting!

Paradox responds:

Thanks, some people are finding it hard to understand that webcam games don't have to be interactive, necessarily.

I got it =D

Man that was a great game i finally after 2hours of listening to that loop i thought of something if u click on both michael jacksons 1,000 times the screen will fade and a great new game pops up,that was so much fun!!!!!!! 10 STARS!!!!!!!!!

Paradox responds:

Ooh, I forgot about that one, that was fun to make. Good game, that was. Good job on finding it, too.


That was kinda fun. I jerked off for 'em.


mmmmmmmmmm................. i loved it!