Reviews for "Space Cinema"

Oh my god.

You made a bunch of stick people watch a porno movie! Ew!That's disgusting! Oh wait...

Hahaha, jokes appart, nice job, and a nice idea. It's been done, but never gets old!

Next time, try to make more stuff appear in the background, and please, make something better than a bunch of poorly drawn sticks! :P
MJ is always welcome!

The music is good, I guess. I liked it.

Good job! I wasn't expecting this :D

Paradox responds:

Hahahahahaha, they watched porn. That's classic. ;)

The sticks were just the fillers, at the time I was bored out of my ass making it, so I just decided to stuff some shitty stick figures in there. :D

I loved this.

Bloody amazing!!!!
I could use this for years on end!
Please make a sequel...

Paradox responds:

oh lawd



Paradox responds:


whats with...

whys jackson in here lmfao n the music is fucking funny lmfao

Paradox responds:

fuck yeah


good game you got man ^_^

Paradox responds:

cool story bro