Reviews for "Space Cinema"


I'm sorry...but there is just no hidden game...i listened and fooled around for 5 min....but it was just a no go. I waited 9 minutes to that gut-wrenching loop, and i almost threw up. Turned out there was no game....I'm sorry, but...it just...isn't there. If it is there, i would like to know how long you ACTUALLY have to wait, i mean, 9 minutes is just ridiculous.

Paradox responds:

jesus fuck man, i knew people were stupid, but that's just taking stupid to a new level


What's the point?


just BECAUSE MJ was there is the only reason why i clicked it.... but to be honest it was a waste of time

umm no

if you want to stare at yourself the whole time then play.. put more things to do in your next attempt.. sorry but not my type of game

Paradox responds:

gay n***az

o m f g

so uhhhh how do i play?

Paradox responds:

you don't