Reviews for "Space Cinema"

Eh. Didn't work for me.

Looked promising, and I can tell what it does, but for some reason it won't pick up on my webcam. Oh well, looks like it'd be cool if it worked, I guess.

Paradox responds:

Eh, k.


not very good, im sorry, i like the whole webcam thing but i didnt like the movie part of it

no offense, sorry

but try to do more with the graphics and less with the whole...OH MY GOD DANCING WITH A WEBCAM thing ya know...

if you did more with the graphics you would have gotten a better score...and maybe a stage...

well cya later


Paradox responds:



ok, first off, well done for getting the webcam bit to work but wheres the interactivity? its not a game, its a repetetive boring loop where you see yourself on a random screen, woooo..... its boring but keep working on the interactivity bit!

Paradox responds:



it was ok not good im surprised it made it I mean I could draw better stick people on my mirror and stare at my ugly face

Paradox responds:

do that then


You can barely do anything what's the point man!

Paradox responds: