Reviews for "Space Cinema"

It was alright

Im not too fond of Webcam flash's but, this one was different.
It actually made use of a webcam for a game.
I think all the other webcam flash's are trying to immitate Eye Toy.

Its for a quick laugh in my eyes, but there was DEFINELLY room for graphic improvement.
Liked the sound tough.

Paradox responds:

Hahaha, I mainly put the sticks there for fillers, and also because people get pissed at me because of them.


it's pretty good. just one question. how do i make a game?

Paradox responds:

learn fancy programming languages and apply for a job in the video game industry

Bah, you could've done better than this.

What about an interactive movie or something similar? This is boring and unamusing. Try to make something FUN! Not UNINSPIRED!

This flash is a bad idea not getting any better.

Paradox responds:

I couldn't be assed to learn BitmapData, and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't either.

Wakka? (umm wow)

i have a question i waited 10 mins and nothing happend errrr!! i was so confused!

Paradox responds:

then you didn't wait for five minutes. stop trying to make out you have, you're just trying to get me to slip up. i'm not stupid, i know full well that if you wait any longer than 5 mins, it will definitely come up. otherwise, you're all lying.

Not interesting

There just seems to be no point in this. Your just on the screen. Its a cool little flash but theres just no point.

Paradox responds: