Reviews for "Space Cinema"


Wow...nothing happened. The music was boring and short. Duo-Michael Jackson and the white pixels swirl made no sense. I'm waiting for your snappy one liner, don't let me down!

Paradox responds:


this i s

this is one of the worst games on newground

Paradox responds:

no u

dude fuĀ£"ing cool

i dont give sht what anyone says this is kick ass!
one prob more scenes but music funny lol thx for a cool game!

Paradox responds:


im sorry but its not so good

its ok yet horrible you need to add some awesome stuff like mega man zero or something

Paradox responds:

mega man is fucking rubbish

whats with...

whys jackson in here lmfao n the music is fucking funny lmfao

Paradox responds:

fuck yeah