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Reviews for "2006| LoP Trilogy 2"


this game was flawless and perfect. awesome.


this game is really glitchy once u get the lockpick please fix that
things that are glitchy:1.when u see the cult for the first time after that u cannot get to the dining room
2. the secret door in the dungeon will not open the key is already in there and u cannot take it out.


has anyone found the prison glitch? used if you decide to skip the whole hangman stuff with the magical item maker thingy so you get the puzzle piece. you can't go inside and have to get another bow n' arrow but you can just click the left button in the prison. and then in the hangman part you can hear the water!

My Man You Are A God Among Mortals

I Loved This Game With It's Cool Fight Of Insults ( Borrowed From Monkey Island) And final Fantasy battle and some very hard puzzles , you my friend have revived the long lost point and click parody games of the legendary proportions (like simon the sorcerer and the orginal leisure suit larrys) I worship at the steps of your altar oh great T - O - M (play the game if you are reading this the last bit will make sense)


man this game is the best!! this game is so funny, when he looked through the hole and there was the bad picture of himself, lol.
I play this game every day, its the best!! If i were to rate this game from 1 to 10.. id pick 1000