Reviews for "TooF VII"

This sucked.

Although I have a feeling you purposely made this flash sucky. Meaning you expect a bad rating, but if you get a good rating its a nice bonus.

Well Im going to give you a 0. You did an amazing job making a terrible animation. I'll give you that at least.

Make some more. I have no problem giving zeros to those who deserve and apparently want them.

rexCo responds:

Well Im going to give you a 0. You did an amazing job

Should I get a ruler?

Sure, TooF has a simplistic design. Wanna know something else that does as well?

Remember the flash "B"? I don't see you guys ragging on that.

I used to like SS, you'd make fun of popular stuff that was shit as the previous guy said.

You make fun of a guys work, he stands up for himself, so you go and make WORSE flashes than Logo's? Come on now. If you're going to make fun of his work and how simple it is, at least make it BETTER than his stuff. Maybe you all just need to grow up? Hopefully puberty isn't that far off for you.

Nice try though. Maybe the next flash you make that makes fun of TooF will actually look and sound BETTER than TooF itself. Then more people may take your side.

Until then, good luck. You're going to need it.

rexCo responds:

yea and a glass of this green pop i cant even remember when i put that shit there lmao


I respect Logo_presents and the TOOF series, because it was an original idea and i find it pretty funny. This was pretty funny at the end though. You even went through the trouble with the dramatic music at the end. And the penis part....priceless. I just don't know if u people who make these have somethin against the author of the series or TOOF in general.

rexCo responds:

just the fans

I used to like the star syndicate

until now.

Last I checked you guys made fun of sucky flashes that got too popular becuase of stupid shit.

well hate to break it to you assholes, but just becuase you got beat in the humor category doesn't meen go fuck up a good series, sure the animation isnt' that hard and the graphics aren't great but its all just in good fun.

Jesus christ you can't even draw a 'toof' as well as he can, which is pretty damn sad.

so first you go rip on the series itself, no big deal who honestly gives a shit to the point where they wouldnt forget about this flash in 2minutes.

but umm, what's with the "if you laughed your 'gay'" it's bullshiters that you who give gays a bad name. and yeah i know your gona say 'well then your gay' but whatever...

I'm not usually the one to review abusively by being like "omg you suck monkehs bawlz" but come on guys, if your going to make fun of TooF, do it right... make it funny, not annoying relying on joking about jokes on this one, i think you bit off a little more than you could chew.

so really, if your gona diss cool shit put effort into it, like maybe do better graphics consideirng thats bullshit compared to what you guys can really do, use your real voices, (dont be afraid we wont drive by your house) ...

come on guys christ I like it when you make fun of stuff if and when it's actually funny and not annoying... and I'm not being a TooF fanboy either I laugh at your stuff when you make fun of things I do like too. but at least do it SUB-par to the animation your making fun of for once?

rexCo responds:

tomagreen1353: jeez every fucking parody on this site is worse than the original
JPrdx535: yep


I don't understand what you people are trying to prove by flooding the portal with sub-par animations. So what, the TooF flashes have a simplistic design. This makes the guy worse than Hitler?

Grow up SS.

rexCo responds:

thats what we do best, flood the portal and i never said he is worse than hitler