Reviews for "TooF VII"

Some suggestions for future movies...

It was a nice attempt, but I think you could do better with some practice.
*Even if you're a terrible voice-actor, it's still better than that awful computer voice. If you don't have a microphone, there are literally hundreds of thousands of people on the internet who would love to send you THEIR voice-acting if you send them a script.
*Spend more time drawing, and study some of the general shapes used in other works.
*Slow. The fuck. Down.

Do all of that, and you should be alright. Also, trust me on this, or at least ask some other people if THEY agree with me, because I'm sure they will.

rexCo responds:

my god i am a speed demon u cant sto pme

ok, that was.....

that was many things, it was stupid, a pathetic attempt at flash, and very disturbing. that is not exactly the typoe of movie i want to watch on newgrounds i mean come on! go up and leave Logo alone and just stop making retarded flash movies!! didnt you see he reply to that whole making fun of him? it pisses me off that little retarded children like you and your star syndickate make new grounds really annoying because you wont stop submitting your crap!! make something original funny and actually semi decent then submit it to newgrounds.

thank you and good bye

rexCo responds:

go up and leave Logo alone

Pretty good...

I grinned at this, and I was feeling crumby until I heard Queen begin at the reply page....I listened to the end of it and now I feel a little more chipper. You cheered me up! ^^ The graphics are fine, but could use a little more zing and spice, or something. This is one of the best parodies I've seen so far for the series! The commentary and review responses are a nice touch, haha... well, nice work.

rexCo responds:

finally,,,someone who understands me.


dude just stop making these gay toofs making fun of the real ones they're so lame man..

rexCo responds:

sorry josh

Cmon SS

The first few were great, funny shit :P

But this is getting repetitive.

rexCo responds: