Reviews for "F.U. Too part 2"


Lasergates, what the hell. The flash was great. Your attitude wasn't.

Good flash 9min woah must have taken some time. Good job.

great job

this 1 of the best new movies i have seen in a wile...

Very cool

I really enjoyed this one guys, keep it up! The animation was pretty good!


It was good and all but the graphics were a little sloppy, and some of the lip synching was off. Graphics, though i know i couldn't do as good, needs some improving i saw little caps like between the hair and face some times where you can see through them. I dont know if you were going for bad graphics to add to your comedic charm sorry if that sounds insulting but i dont know, oh and in the first tween of the car the wheels weren't moving.
Sound quality in this was kind of bad and one of the voiceactors i heard alot of wind and it sounded akward. Violence... She so horny?
It was pretty funny especially the little Cowboy Bebop thing with Beaner i had a giggle or two so you get an eight.


I still think the first one was better although this one was good, it was confusing at parts.