Reviews for "F.U. Too part 2"

Amazing, astounding, its on a rocket to the moon

The graphics were awsome. Charecters and backgrounds a like. The voice acting was great to, very realistic. The intro was a great addon to. It really got you in the mood for the rest of the movie. It even had some bloody seens in there to. And probably the best thing about the movie is it was long.

The beggining credits could of been a little less long. Other than that it was great.

when u say it parodies everything u mean it

lesee here: Waynes world, Austin powers, Back to the future, Splinter cell * the goggles the gards wore*, Kill bill *the samarai screne* the Hulk, and something close to Silent Hill 3's rainy nighttime car ride.

great stuff man.


Now that was very cool

Awesome music, voices. Interesting story.

I really liked all the great music, singing and voices in this video. It certainly covered a lot of different subjects in a short video. I are the Love!

Yeah, thats the stuff!

Wow, this series is the greatest. Not really, but it seems that way for the moment. Also that Cowboy Bebop thing, yeah. It was awesome nice work. And I cant belive you used Donnie Darko. That movie was awesome and made my brain hurt. Keep it up.