Reviews for "F.U. Too part 2"

Thank you!

You remember me, right? Well I can gladly say, you did a great job! All I have to say is... what happened to the fight at MC. Wankers?

rockymike responds:

There's a deleted scene on the special features of F.U. All that takes place between the two videos. I kinda rushed through it so it's hard to tell, but when that scene starts Mike is supposed to have a bandage around his head. This is a tribute to where he had his head bandaged in F.U. Sorry to disappoint you on that. It was kinda of a cop-out ending.


It was good and all but the graphics were a little sloppy, and some of the lip synching was off. Graphics, though i know i couldn't do as good, needs some improving i saw little caps like between the hair and face some times where you can see through them. I dont know if you were going for bad graphics to add to your comedic charm sorry if that sounds insulting but i dont know, oh and in the first tween of the car the wheels weren't moving.
Sound quality in this was kind of bad and one of the voiceactors i heard alot of wind and it sounded akward. Violence... She so horny?
It was pretty funny especially the little Cowboy Bebop thing with Beaner i had a giggle or two so you get an eight.

Awesome flash

one of the best flashes i've seen

It was ok....

No offense, but I'm tired of people giving stuff like this 10's. It wasn't horrible, it's just not 10 material. The movie was basically the cheap jokes of a normal teen comedy. Also, you like make parodies of stuff.... ^^' I liked the parody when the coffee bean got shot and he fell down all like Julia in Cowboy Bebop. That made me giggle a little. Keep trying.

rockymike responds:

I have a lot of respect for this quote.
"The movie was basically the cheap jokes of a normal teen comedy"
You're right. I do this only cause I know it's what gets fives in votes and 10s on reviews. I'm glad someone called me on it. You don't have to fear, I'm making a vow to steer clear of direct parodies in the future installment of F.U. It will be 95% parody free. Thanks for the review. I marked it as helpful.

I love you.

ok maybe it wasnt THAT good and to that point ^^ but this is one of the best flash series' ever created and i love each and every one of them.. everything gets 10s cuz its the full package of a flash video.. and the song at the end gets you bonus points if i could give you any.... bc that song is sweet

and u gotta love the Queen