Reviews for "WHOOKOS Intro"

Hmm....this looks to be interesting.

Yeah, I'm curious about this and I hope you put the first episode out soon...I'll be waiting for it. The graphics are smooth and non-crappy! Style is nice as well for anime. It's hard to judge the humor really, but a few cute scenes in this intro, though! The file size seemed pretty large. :o Yeesh....can you fix that? Everything else was fantastic!

*sniff* That was beautiful....

You and I have one thing in common: We got a dark side. (right? DON'T YOU!?) The animation was very beautiful. I loved it. One thing though...: YOU HAD TO USE SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWL THEME DIDN'T YOU!? (sorry. I'm just pissed that it comes out this winter)



Good animation

although there was no story, it was a really good animation ^^


i like the intros, and i love the smash bros. brawl theme.. matches perfectly. ^_^

im not sure i can say much else about this except that its just really cool... i love swiffer's hair... and scoot's too, i can only assume thats your character, its cool that he has a dark side... reminds me a bit of.. well, me... :D