Reviews for "Nightmare (Dj Sonik) MD2011"


The choice of sounds here are superb. It really adds a chill yet sinister madness atmosphere. I like the synths, mini drops, bitcrushing, effects... it's all well matched.

However, if the song were full length it would be a bit repetitive. Same sounds are used throughout the song and the glitch patterns get old quickly.

This otherwise makes a fantastic madness day track! much better than I could do. 5/5

DreamEater responds:

Thanks soo much MarioMan, glad you enjoyed it!
I sure hope someone chooses to use this track this year ><

Pretty Beastly Song

A good mix of techno sounds, especially in the sequence at 1:37


vaguely reminiscent of Aphex Twin just with less going on. Also not saying its bad, just get your dirty dubstep out of our industrial. lol

Pretty good...

But it gets a little confusing and trip-over-myself in a few parts.

DreamEater responds:

welcome to the world of dub-step...
shit'll have you trippin erywhere.

~Dj Sonik

Deep Sickness

I like the synthesizer playing throughout along with the trip-hop/house feel. A definite style that should show up in later work. Awesome job.