Reviews for "Battle Theme V"

Me likey!

I can imagine it now... good work ya 'lil bean!

This is well done.

I can totally see this in a game like Chrono Trigger or something.


Truly. I really like the "background melody", it draws a constant rythm sounding like something big is happening, yet we're going through it one step at a time - fitting for a briefing situation of a crisis.

Really inspired me to write a scenario I had in mind, thanks a billion !

This really does scream Grandia to me. Having played all the way through Grandia 3 myself (except for the last boss, the only real difficult battle in the entire game), I can say this really brings back memories of blitzing through enemies with overpowered spells on cold winter nights.

Not that battle-ish

Still a great job. Sounds like an escape/chase/any other thing with a low time limit theme