Reviews for "DoDo Dog - Protect Flower"


It was nice, I liked the combination of clay and flash. The sound effects got really annoying though...

this is a site for teens not babys

a dog trying to save a flower?do do dog what kindof name is do do dog?the graphics were good but this kinda seems babyish

Good Artwork

While the graphics where good, and the idea has potential, I couldn't help but find most of the repeated noises extremely annoying. For example, the poking sound in the beginning when he's walking into the intro, made me want to light myself on fire.

But the artwork is exceptional. I really did enjoy the look and feel of it. It was smooth and ran together well.


A great little cartoon. It looked nice and smooth and it had all the characteristics of it's look and feel. it was funny and short for it's type of cartoon. A cool animation, please make more :3


Hehe, i loved this flash. The graphics and sound were really good and i liked the colors and creativity in it. :-D