Reviews for "DoDo Dog - Protect Flower"


Funny and good graphics! Keep making "chapters" of "DoDo Dog" please. And keep up with the good work.

P.S Just love this one!


oh yeah...thats cute...

good stuff at all...
keep on doing.

People are crazy

This Flash deserves a MUCH higher score. Well into the 4.somethings. I don't know what's wrong with people...

I give you a 5/5. Nice work, it was done beautifully. Keep at it!


Well this was jsut nuts, i dont know how anyone could truely understand that style as you had so much pieces from seperate styles and brought it together to create something that just felt special, i have to say that i loved the cars that you used in this, they looked really cool. The texture you used for the footpath and the road had a nice grainy feel. I thought the character design for the dog was good and i just loved the way you animated him around. Your sound effects had to be the highlight for me, i mean you covered everything with bizzare and often humourous noises. Overall a very good watch.

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)


Congratulations buddy, this flash is very original and this animation makes me remember the videos that i had to see on school when i was like 8 lol, but this is certainly more funny.

hope to see more soon.