Reviews for "DoDo Dog - Protect Flower"

just posting to get the chessee off here

last poster is a pure genius! this is a movie not a game. chessee repeats the post on all the top games and movie here with different names. Its a virus or something bad if its a dial-up sized "game".
I hope nobody goes for it.

btw good work on the flash and getting to frontpage.


Ok, you are an awsome animator, artist, and director. The whole movie was really well done and seriously tv show quality. A treat for the whole family. However, my only gripe is your use of sound effects.

I'm going to be harsh and say that was some of the worst use of sound I have ever seen on a movie of this quality. Every sound effect was either off timing, ear peircing, or just plain wrong for the moment. You really need to find yourself a partner to handle sound effects for you.
I did like the music however.

Everything else was A+

A flash that has a novelty to it

The flash is kinda funny with a moral in it...sometimes trying to solve a small problem will cause a bigger problem , which was the case in the end ^^ .


I liked this flash lol. I was right, all of FL is coming to Newgrounds. When will you be bringing GTman to NG?

Lol nice!!

Awesome flash man!

Oh and P.S. : Guy before me,you're a freaking moron.This isn't even a game.Go find some other people to trick.