Reviews for "DoDo Dog - Protect Flower"

It was okay

Was smooth and detailed, had a cartoonish aspect to it, but the sound effects were a little repetitive. Other wise, a good flash.


The hole flash was really cute and well done...Its really nice the way the dog care about the flower, the grafics were really good. Keep up the good job (and dont care about bad things people may say - some dont understand the point of the flash).

What the fuck?.....

How did this boring and entirely g-rated movie get on front page??
ITS A DOG WITH FLOWERS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! It could have been a ripoff of clifford's puppy days from pbs!


Not sure what to make of this. It was more like a kids show. The animation was good and I liked the flying pig. Because this was hamles and kind of funny in the respects that the dogs solution only provided more problems, I'm giving this a 10. Good job.

not bad not bad

its a nice flash not realy funny not realy sad just a little nice story its not bad il give you 5/5 for your hard work