Reviews for "DoDo Dog - Protect Flower"

Cute and clever...

hm, this was nicely done. Without question an Newgrounds keeper! I love the style....and nice work on the sounds and graphics as well! This made me smile and it had that "cute humor" pretty much. Submit more!! I'll be waiting for the next one to pop up!

very good

This was very good keep up the good work


Very very good the animation was very very smooth and the sound were well (synched??!!) well you know what I mean I cant spell that work lol! I really like the way you do FBF and expect to see more of your work. Keep it up!

Very entertaining

Some very awsome graphics complimented by great animation. The way you did the animation it looked almost 3D the way you did the fbf. You have a lot of talent. The effects on the flower when the wind blew by was breathtaking so very realistic. I loved it. The backgrounds were awsome to. I see you did a little photoshop for the road. Awsome.

At the intro, the dogs footstep noises were so anoying and loud I wanted to hang myself. Please next time take away those footsteps. That would make it a whole lot better.

That was great!

One problem though. You have over used sounds and it got a little annoying like a power point kinda. Anyway I did like the main concept and yes it is rare to find a subbmission like this. I love it! Your animation was cute and the story was basic yet smooth. I just think you need a little diversity in your sound effects, other than that it was almost perfect.