Reviews for "DoDo Dog - Protect Flower"

Definitely needs more work

I'll assume this was meant to be a humourous flash - it wasn't.

The character design was pretty woeful, if you need those damnable sweat drops and rainbows saying "happy" to convey any emotion. And everyones' limbs were so short, you had to play with physics to get them to do anything. A physically useless, unemotive character is not particularily endearing, which is what it looked like you were trying to do. "Ho ho ho, look at that crazy dog with his big nose, what a conundrum he is in!" Just no.

And then, of course, there are the sound effects. Every single one was an excruciating cliche. Attatching ridiculous sounds to ordinary situations - that sort of humour died out with the Flintstones, which is where you stole some of the sounds from, after all.

All in all, definitely needs more work. What's particularily embarassing is that a GROUP of people made this, with a 'director' - one guy on his own can have a bad sense of humour, but did you lot ever turn to each other and think: "wait, guys. This just isn't funny."? I guess not.

Funny loal dog... ...OK

It was Funny and a dog is loal to the rules so it made sence. So I think it was OK.

pretty good

wasnt one of my favorites but it was good



Hated the music and sound effects.

Nice animation though.