Reviews for "TOOOF HENTAI"

and buy merchandise..otherwise ill lose my house

HAHAHAHAH HHAHAHAHHAH(ROFL) you are the best fat batger, truly and amazingly the best of the bests <3

FatBadger responds:


This had to be done :)

Another TooF parody! :D this is a really funny one XD funnier than Toof six....good job badger d('-'d) Also, that song, I know I've heard it before in a game...care to tell me which one? :D I lol'd at the ending comment "daly first plz buy my merchendize otherwise, i'll lose my house" rofl that's so true. Make more of these :D Also, I'm kinda pissed Tom made a Toof collection and not a SS collection >:( maybe this gets there!

FatBadger responds:

its from DKC, snes.

Much better!

This is a billion times better than TooF 6 !!!!! I hope you make more funny TooF as these ones

Very educational

Listen up children, now you've sen the clip, now ,ake sure you brush your teeth.

FatBadger responds:

geslacht nu tevreden