Reviews for "TOOOF HENTAI"

This had to be done :)

Another TooF parody! :D this is a really funny one XD funnier than Toof six....good job badger d('-'d) Also, that song, I know I've heard it before in a game...care to tell me which one? :D I lol'd at the ending comment "daly first plz buy my merchendize otherwise, i'll lose my house" rofl that's so true. Make more of these :D Also, I'm kinda pissed Tom made a Toof collection and not a SS collection >:( maybe this gets there!

FatBadger responds:

its from DKC, snes.


I know you've seen a toof parody. I know you want to match that. unfortunately, this is sad, possibly will get balmmed, and even if people dont like toof vote on this, they will still prob blam this.

graphics :NONE AT ALL, as far as u want to parody toof, try a bit more.
style: NONE, a parody of toof's been done.
sound: crappy voice acting
interactivity: A play button! WOOT! *sarcasm*
Humor: Oh yeah, the last comment bout buying t-shirts, FUNNNNY*notice the sarcasm again

Overall: This is BAD PERIOD. Even people who dont like Toof wouldn't enjoy his parody because its horribly made, and unfunny parodies, just arent parodies

FatBadger responds:

graphics : same as the real toofs
style: same as the real toofs
sound: robots
interactivity: same as the real toofs
Humor: fuck you

Hi faat badjur

This was great. Loved it.

FatBadger responds:


it was alright

could have added a bit more humor to it though.....

and buy merchandise..otherwise ill lose my house

HAHAHAHAH HHAHAHAHHAH(ROFL) you are the best fat batger, truly and amazingly the best of the bests <3

FatBadger responds: