Reviews for "TOOOF HENTAI"

Not bad...

Wow, the first real parody of toof.
Good job! For once its not jealus people ranting on how much LogoPresents suck. (He doesnt suck, he's jesus 2.)

Much better!

This is a billion times better than TooF 6 !!!!! I hope you make more funny TooF as these ones


^^Good Points^^
I found it pretty funny that you used Speakonia. It just sounds funny, especially with the way you animated their mouths. The graphics look pretty much the same as Toof, so good job.

^^Needs Improving^^
It's very hard to hear what they are saying. Is he saying black or plaque? Either way, this wasn't really that funny. I was expecting a little more randomness since this is coming from fat badger, but nonetheless, not a bad parody.


it was short and well it has no sence

Oh contrary

Graphics: certainly NOT real toofs, the mouths just squiggle. try comparing em if you actually think they are the same.
Style: Same as above, only robotic and not comedic.
Sounds: yeah, they are robots. What is this, Toof or ClockCrew?
Interactivity: not really.
Humor: An appalling lack of.