Reviews for "TOOOF HENTAI"

What's with all the crappy TooF parodies?

Seriously. There's like five now.

Very educational

Listen up children, now you've sen the clip, now ,ake sure you brush your teeth.

FatBadger responds:

geslacht nu tevreden

I like it.

1nd33d 1 l1k3 17! (Indeed I like it)

Okay, Toof is Toof.

I'm sorry but THESE TOOF PARODIES ARE GETTING FUCKING OLD. I mean come on, at least LogoPresent's are GOOD. If you hate Toof or love it, dont disgrace it with things like this. I'm starting to get annoyed of all the things coming out with "Toof" in them besides the offical ones. Now come on, All Im asking is get your own idea- Logo (teh 1337est) was there first.


damn u people have no originalality that 1 kid makes a TooF parody n now every1 hasta make 1...it sucked like i expected u cudnt even understand wat the TeeF were sayin...

FatBadger responds:

Flash by g-dummm:
- none -