Reviews for "TOOOF HENTAI"

Come on badger...

Come on Fat Badger... you usually do a good job of dissing on stuff, this time like... it seemed like you weren't even trying, it wasn't really a funny way to make fun of it, hell you didn't even do a good job. Man if your gona rip on somthing funny like TooF you gota do it how you always do, funny, you can't decide to pussy out. Come on wimp ass, Whatever happened to the flash that sent people into insane rampages of PMS and went past all moral bounds?

don't go soft on me badger.

If you don't like this cartoon, kiss my ass!

I know I heard that song before. Anyway, this was a funny cartoon, although I think I only saw the first Toof and I'm pretty sure I didn't like it.

I thought you said you were quitting :(

Resonable joke, not insulting or stupid like alot of your other 'animations' I have to say this is your best in my opinion...

Unless I find Logo has made this joke somewhere outside of the TooF series.

FatBadger responds:

eat me sir



please, please, please

Let logo do toof. There are too many parodies floating around as it is. One or two is fine, but there EVERYWHERE! Just a suggestion for your next flash though, dont use those robotic windows voices. There kinda annoying, like that amount of toof parodys.