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Reviews for "The Waltzing Hogs Collab2"

Our Goooddd... is an awesome God indeed...

I give this a 10 just for the music.

Negativland fan?

its different

but in a good way you guys should make some more soon.


But it's not the best. I think you should remake this..... It'll most likely pay off.


^^Good Points^^
I was pleasantly surprised not to find a single screamer in any major part of this movie. The musical choices were pretty good. Benny Hill, DDR, and Moskau sped up. Nice job there. This was pretty humorous too. I liked Fat piclownjew's part and wee piclownjew's part the best.

^^Needs Improving^^
Not really the best efforts put into these. Most of them are really short and contain pretty lack luster drawings/animations and no storyline at all.

holly GOD! The face mouth was intense

that's sped up song sounded pretty cool and the face mouth was awsome. You should start making your stuff have substance and story. just trying to be helpful ( ^x^)7