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Reviews for "The Ghost of {Complete}"


love the beat!

janiev responds:

Thanks! =D

You PM me for a review

I'am just gonna say this beat is very delicate and i can tell the update You fuckin hooked it up and it sounds beautiful but not like a love song beautyful, i hate love songs. much respect.

janiev responds:

Aight, thank you. :) Appreciate the review! I'm glad you like it!

Not Really Old School, but good.

Cool beat.

janiev responds:

Well, thanks :) I'm glad you like it! :D


this is a great beat....i love the background vocals

really impressive job man

janiev responds:

Hey :) Thanks, man! I'm glad you like it!
Appreciate the review! :D

Very nice.

Good to hear this is finished. Lovely work on everything. Nicely done as far as mixing and such go. The song itself is pretty nice to listen to. Has that cool errie feeling that i mentioned before. Sorry it took me a while to review. Lovely stuff here. At 1:23 you could of added a bit more to make that part shine a bit however its not bad as it is. Keep it up bro! This is a good listen. Added to fav's.


janiev responds:

Thanks, man! I really appreciate the review! :D
It's good to have another review of you on this song. I'm glad you like it!