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Reviews for "the classroom 3"

Another one!

Oh yes, another classroom game. All the little touches had to the the game. For example, I like how, during the prelude levels, you made everything black and white. The SFX also add to the game. The weird noises that the teacher makes when talking to a student.
Good game.

brings a tear to my eye

awesome dude but y must it be the lasr the series was so awesome but it was good while it lasted


Fun figuring out what to do after a while. Liked the levels outside of the classrooms especially.

My hand is cramping

So awesome..So hard..I played for like 13 minutes and my hand is cramping

The Classroom 3

Good game. can get a bit annoying when you get caught over and over. Medals work fine refresh your page and they should show up. Also don't rate it a 0 just because you couldn't figure it out. If your having trouble just look up a walkthrough. I beat the game, so it is possible.