Reviews for "the classroom 3"

pretty nice

I love this game. I am very addicted to it, however I am having alot of trouble with act 9. I think it's impossible. The graphics in this name are very good for stick animations. I would appreciate it if you added faces though.

Too short

You got the difficulty level right, the controls work perfectly (although Spacebar should be an optional alternative to the left mouse button), it's good fun and it's a great game... but it's too short. The other two had me going for much longer, this one isn't long at all.

Loveed it!

Danm i loved it! also here are some cheates windowchecker and thats the fartherest levl i goten to.

Another one!

Oh yes, another classroom game. All the little touches had to the the game. For example, I like how, during the prelude levels, you made everything black and white. The SFX also add to the game. The weird noises that the teacher makes when talking to a student.
Good game.

great game

omg i never thought there was gonna be a 3rd part to the classroom game