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Reviews for "the classroom 3"


Act 1:

Walk up to the yellow dot, and the teacher will look up. When she is looking toward the window, cheat(CTRL) Simple!
Watch the cutscene.

Act 2:

Watch the cutscene. When you are back in a classroom, look for the geek. Im pretty sure its the same for everyone, but iv been wrong before. For me, and most likely for you too, its 2 seats up and 1 seat left from yours.

Act 3:

Go down, left, up past your friends, right, and next to the water fountain, you will see a kid looking at the wall. Move close to him to initiate the cutscene.

Act 4:

Go to the right, and up the isle. When she starts looking at him, when she is right next to him, being careful not to touch her, cheat from right under her nose. When she goes to check the window, you should have plenty of time. Do not wait until she checks the window, or you will lose.

Act 5:

You will see her sweeping the room. Run to the very left corner (bottom) and when she looks up, cheat. When she stops moving, get out of the way. Cheat again, and quickly escape when she looks. She will then go near her desk, giving you time to cheat. Go back to your corner. She will sweep the classroom again, and after, quickly escape to your seat.

Act 6:

Go to the very right corner. When she starts sweeping down the isle, go up. She should see you, but only slightly. Cheat a little, then hide at the water fountain. She will twitch up and down from the geek to other seats, and after 2 twitches, she will look up and start walking. Cheat, and go back to your seat while she walks down the isle and twitches some more.

Chapter 3:

Act 7:

Go down, and , staying on the left wall, to the corner between the light and darkness. You should see a green light coming at you. If you do not, go in the light and go right slightly, and retreat to your previous spot. When the light is gone, walk along the top of the corridor, and go right next to the blue person. He will turn around, and barely see you. Go right more, and go up. When the other janitor looks at his washing thingy, go along the wall to the top left corner, to the top right corner, and into the darkness. Go right, and up to see two janitors talking. When they start going, go all the way up into the darkness. You can walk in there light all you want. When the other janitor starts coming behind you, dont move. You will see the light disappear and the janitors in front of you ask "What?" Staying at the top, walk into the classroom.

Act 8

Study the notes until about halfway. When the music starts, retreat down into the desk area, (^Is you) This is the top row: - - -. You are here: -^- -, leaning toward the lower part of the desk. When she looks up, and starts moving toward the bookcase, cheat more. When you see the bookcase shut, retreat to the same place, but in the second row. Almost the second she gets up, go and cheat until you are done. Quickly leave.

Act 9:

Go to the bottom right corner. Stand next to the bottom right seat, facing the right wall. When the cell phone beeps, she will say "Huh" "How dare you" Bla bla bla. When she starts going toward the window, quickly cheat as much as possible, and quickly sprint toward your seat when she is about to get to the end. When she is done twitching, quickly sprint toward the geek, and start cheating until it is full. Sprint toward the seat.

Act 10:

When she twitches toward the door, sprint toward the geek and stand next to the left wall, facing him and his desk. Cheat until the bar is full. If you get caught, you are standing wrong. Sprint back to the seat.

Act 11:

As quickly as you can, go to the right corner, and start walking up. The second she moves, start cheating. When she twitches back for the second time(This will take 2-3 tries) run down. If your bar is red, you already lost. If its brown, when she looks at the window kids, start cheating, leaning toward the upper side of the desk. She will swap looking between the window kids and the clump next to the desk. You on the other hand, will likely escape at the brown awareness level.

Watch the halarious cut scene, and your done.


This game is amazing and I would recommend it to all of you. It is very difficult at some parts, but there is a very clever little help feature which it helpful!
A great game!

My opinions

Not Bad. Definitly better than number 2. I came so close to finishing the game without being caught, but i dont blame the game. But overall, a very good game.


congrats who made it its cool


I'm on the last level but alas its too hard but at least I reached the last level!This is still way too hard though!Why did the Geek have to be a tattletale and why does the bully have to stop our medals?So uncool and WTF why is a guy in the toilet without any stall doors?That's just sad....But Great Game Here's a tip:In some levels don't wait too long or else your chance to win the level will be gone so be swift and cautious good luck!