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Reviews for "the classroom 3"

Loved it

I really love all classroom games. 10/10

cool game

awesome game fun


this game is so effing fun


Same sounds when you get an achivment in Xbox 360!

Fun game

OK so really fun game here, had fun with this, and learning with the {TUTORIAL} helped abit but still hard at

times, and i really like the {OVERVIEW} of it all, allthough would have been nice to see more detail of the

students maybe hats and other stuff, just a few details there that would improve on it graphicly, The first level seems rather hard though, i spent awhile on it and couldnt get anywhere, it is fun dont get me wrong but its kinda hard staying away from the teachers radar, still a fun game and ill have to try the other games and see if i have any luck, anyways nice game here it was fun.

Some graphics details would have been nice, like some hats and such, Make the game somewhat easier with maybe easy med hard.

A fun game just a tad hard for my tatse well the first level anyways.