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Reviews for "the classroom 3"

Oh my god, no ones pissing to techno music!

killer game man, no gayness or urine. Thats what I'm talking about.

very addictive gameplay

ive always sorta liked the classroom series, and this one is probably the best because of the non- stealth required levels that helps develop a story, though frankly, a story doesn't really fit in with the game at all. But the gameplay was challenging yet beatable because the teacher was seemingly unpredictable no matter how many times you watched his movements. though i think in reality she should notice if you're out of your seat...

There are password and get help flaws

Like I said the password system dosen't work at all and same with get help, I click on the act I'm stuck on, (act 10) I put in the password and nothing happens at all. What the hell is wrong with get help?! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude....Not to good

To tell you the truth man i like number 2 alot better, this one just kinda blows.....

Huh? really bad

When i walk up to the Geek and press the mouse button the guy must be standing on the geek? Erm... that makes the game both boring and hard... Redo the cheat system an i'll give this game a 8 next time ;)