Reviews for "Cal-Marts"


It was funny. Good Job!

Very Well Done

this was a very good demonstration of your talents in flash and offered for a good laugh at the end.

As Far as your graphics go, watch out for your movements and such. The people are wel drawn and look very good but that is nothing if you don't make them move at the same level they are presented. Take some time and make them move smoother, when this is done I will up your overall to a ten.

The sound was very well done and the voicing was well matched to the lips, a thing not many have been able to do. The music is ok, it kind of recycles a bit which annoys some people but other than that I liked it a lot.

Please keep u the good work!

AznPB responds:

XD "Talents in flash"? This is my first time! I got one day of demonstration and I had a week to come up with this minute-and-a-half piece. :D I'm glad you somewhat enjoyed it though. :D


it was good but it didnt realy show much it was more like still image. it was the cheaters way so you dont have to put much effort into it. but it was ok

AznPB responds:

Heh XD I only had a week of class time to do it but yeah. It would've been better if I had more time. ;)