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Reviews for "LethalRpgWar 2"


so far im a lvl 6 god with 457k exp the game is great although there could have been a selection of music and the graphics werent great. a couple of bugs ive found is that i cannot upgrade m dex it just wnt let me. also second time round on the quests i could not rebuy the wine. apart from that great game lookin forward too more of these (wid better graphics):P

OMFG!!!! This ROCKS!!!!!!!!

You did very well on this sequel! It is better than the 1st! Thank you for adding more stores and PETS!!!! YAY PETS!!!!!!!! If for some odd reason another one of these games is being made, please, oh, please add a saving system!

P.S. For all the new players, the forth or fifth quest is SUPER HARD!!!!!

pretty good

a good game its hard/easy

The God Weapon of the knight is tottaly BADASS

im an ultimate king!