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Reviews for "LethalRpgWar 2"

Not to bad. But I feel retarded

Ok I was doing fine and Im at ultimate god with all the upgrades. Im stuck on a quest to get heads of skeleton lords. I forgot to look where they were located when I accepted. Now I cant find them. I have clicked on every location on the map and even started back to places I had been. No luck. I tried to ruins even. I know Im dumb and all but what do I do to find them? Maybe add something to tell you about the quests you are on to recap without going back to quest building. Oh well going back to play. cant give up.


good series but others are betteran i got 50k after 3 fights


I dont know why you continued this game, It was already horrible and impossible to kill anything, Now its horrible/repetitive with even CRAPPIER graphics, and a few new rooms. This is the worst game on NG. Good day, Please stop makeing flash, your no good at it.

Benspyda responds:

Im sorry you think so. I'm not stopping


1.upgrades only went 1nce
2.Graphics SUCKED
3.To Uber
4.it was poorly made
i tought u learned from 1st 1