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Reviews for "LethalRpgWar 2"

pretty good

I am partial to RPG's but this is pretty good.

Benspyda responds:


good game

Make some of the colours more neutral though, it hurt my eyes and in battle it is impossible to read what is in the bottom left hand corner

Not bad, Levels are unbalanced though.

I liked it, quite a fun game overall, but by the time I was up to killing skeletons (difficulty 7 or something) I was at Ultimate Level, able to kill all the monsters on the quest with one hit, and able to cast the spell Ultimate, which killed absolutely anything... I went to the hardest difficulty place, and just wrecked everything in site... I think you need to slow down the leveling, so that it remains a challenge throughout the game... I also never found the use in the Bow, didn't do much damage compared to the Charge Attack or Character Special... Good game though! Just need some tweaks *thumbs up*

good game



Good but..
i had -304 coins and thats make it like the lowest coins i can get is 0 coins not -304 coins!
ohh well and these quest r u copying runescape?? well i dont care good game.