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Reviews for "Prehistorik: Episode 1"


Graphics - Lovely style, cute graphics and well drawn backgrounds. Nothing much to improve that i can see

Style - Original idea, very well presented and great storyline

Sound - Great music, perfectly recorded voice acting, no crackly sound effects etc.

Violence - None

Interactivity - Not a game, but there were a couple of buttons so 1/10

Humour - Original idea, very funny and well written jokes + gags

Overall- Great movie, looking forward to more. This will be on the front page (the teaser was) and I can see it passing judgement with 4+. I'm happy to get a protection point from this animation.


a little shorter than i expected.... but it was good...
all i could think of at the end was... "he got pwned"

How good.

That was excell.


Cavechicks. Nice. When I read the description of this I thought it was really stupid, but then I watched it and I realized why it got number one.
Good job. I'm looking forward to more of these.


nice but why rok cause my name is rok(sounds like rock)