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Reviews for "Prehistorik: Episode 1"


Wow that was ace, I think it could even be on TV, like 1 of those short things between breaks in programs (e.g. angry kid), can't wait for episode 2!

The Way A Flash Series should be...

I really liked this flash because

1. Good animation

2. A personal style

3. The pause stuff in the corner

4. Humor to entertain instead of violence

The only little flaw was that you surf on the other side of the wave :P

Keep it up I hope to see Ep. 2 very soon

not too shabby

It wasn't too bad. I especially liked the fact that you had the option to pause, something that a lot of flashes lack. The subtitles were also very much apreciated from a viewer who's speakers suck. The poop joke at the end of the credits wasn't really neccesary, it was already a good flash without needing to resort to that. I look foreward to the next episode!

I hate doing all these different ratings...

That was some really tight animation, I wish i could rock out the flash as much as you guys do. Add another minute or two and what you have would be my second favorite series.

Nice start for a serie

Awesome man, both in graphic and humor, cant wait for your the next episode!