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Reviews for "Prehistorik: Episode 1"

it was alright

i had seen the preveiw for this before and i had liked how there was no speaking and the style of it. Now that i saw the real thing it seemed the speaking was kind of cheesy and didnt fit hw the charecters looked. All in all it was alright and it had pretty good graphics and sound.

ehhh it was pretty good

now that was pretty good nice job got u a 8 cuz of some parts so just keep up the hard work dude

I can't wait to see how the series develops! :D

Great artwork, great sense of style, and great concept! You've definitely got a knack for making great cartoons. I know old people who are totally like the ones you've shown in this cartoon. Incidentally enough, about 15-12 years ago, there was a video game released for the Super Nintendo called "Prehistorik Man." It was also re-released for the Game Boy Advance 5-3 years ago. Were you inspired by that video game when you were creating this? Or was it "The Flintsones" that inspired you? Either way, I can't wait to see more of this series! Keep up the good work! :D

Okay, now my two cents

Without a doubt, watching this, it had a very authentic feel. The music, the intro, and the whole ten-yards. A lot of work has been put into this, that was obvious. The animation was superb. But there is a problem. I figured at first the problem was the humor- but I realized (though I`m sick of the gay jokes) that the humor wasn`t the problem- it was the delivery. You need better voice actors. Something to finish off that excellent flare you already had started. Please consider this in all sincereity and as a very serious critique.

This is DEFINENTELY goin' on my favs list!

Dude, that rocked--hard! A gay sufer-dude...not something you see everyday, if you go by predictable personality-wise. Make more soon! XD