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Reviews for "Prehistorik: Episode 1"

Very Nice...

This comes out with superb style,humor and endless possibilities!
It's also great to see something from a fellow longueuilois. ;)

(The "0"s above just mean there is nothing really to rate)

alright but more importantly

the person right below me has been puttin this in many places it kinda funny and stupid if u see him just remember he is probly only givin out viruses or gay videos

Good start on what looks to be a great series.

The jokes we're alright and it looks original and pretty funny along with great animation/voice acting so this series looks to have a lot of potiential,best of luck to you. :)

pretty good

i thought it was a pretty good flash, i like the whole prehistoric idea, very original!

That was neat

I enjoyed the originality of this movie. The lip-syncing was good, too. Good job. :-)