Reviews for "Enzoa - Cellular (MAC)"

thumbs up

My god this is amazing makes me think of Infected Mushroom
if you havnt herd of them you should definatly check em out 'Heavy Weight' is a favourite and 'Converting Vegetarians'

How surprising!

I can in fact see why Tom Fulp chose this as his favorite audio submission of all time! While it is very short, what matters is that it is very effective in its music. It seems like something that would be a ringtone, but it would be too ironic to use it as that. I also like the voices in this one, especially the "wa, wa, pick up the phone" that goes on sometimes. While I am hearing it over and over, it still does not sound repetitive to me. It is definitley something that gets you hooked in because of how crazy it is.

again, my apoligies

the music didnt appeal to me. but doesnt mean other people cant enjoy it