Reviews for ".::Oasis::."


Really nice stuff! All the instruments sound real, and the voices you did really put it over the top. Great job!

Jessismith responds:

Thank you. :)

This puts me inside an RPG game!!

This tune is so captivating that it puts me inside an RPG game!! I can imagine the scenery... I am roaming the country side where meadows of tall green grass and flowers sway back and forth. I am heading towards a small village in the far distance. The sky is just minutes from sunset. As I approach, I can see a peaceful village where children are dancing, running, jumping and playing outside with the butterflies. I see farmers working on their garden and the blacksmith forging a sword with ember flying all around. As I enter the village, I am greeted by a lovely maiden dressed in a beautifully designed blue and white dress. She welcomes me to the village and shows me around. This is where I would be granted a quest--probably from the inn keeper or an old man sitting out in the cemetary by the grave of his wife. :) Anyway, I won't spoil you too much. Excellent vocals! Love them! Keep it up!! You got my 5/10!


Jessismith responds:

Hmm. That's some nice imagery...I'm starting to picture it too. :) Thank you! And wow! Woohoo! Another 5/10! :D

Nice soundsssssss.

I like the instruments in this very much. Has it's moments in it, particularly when you use your voice. Sounds likes you say "Those old curtains are really big yah" at some point. Love my ignorance. Anywho overall I like the leading melody and think you could add to it and focus on it a little more and a little earlier. 10age.

Jessismith responds:

Haha, you're so awesome, Leech. Thank you! I love the misheard lyics. Also, I agree with you. I probably should have started that melody earlier in the song, and I probably should have focused more on it rather than just throwing it in at the last minute. xD
As always, I love your review. Thanks again. :)


cool very nice! truly i really like this you got some talent. it may seem unfinished to you but its perfect to others ears. this is such a breath of fresh air i feel its very unique and thoughtful. excellent job!

Jessismith responds:

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like it!
After hearing all of these wonderful comments, I really start to feel better about this song.
Thanks again. :)

You have a beautiful voice O.O

Remember me? I auditioned for the lead role in your upcoming animation?
Well, I decided to listen to some of your audio, and your supposed "Horrible waili ng" sounded unreal to me. Like something you'd hear in a movie.
Excellent job!

Jessismith responds:

I do remember you, and I remember your amazing voice! It's nice to hear from you again! :D (I hope to start back on that animation soon by the way) :)
Wow! You really think so? Thank you! And thanks so much for listening. :)