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As Asdf

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Lol you kick so much ass Bbqbeefburgerman!

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ripping on cripples is hilarious! wow, just kidding..... hilarious movie.... awkward

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Yes. It is.

<----<(--_ )>-----<<< u can kill some1 u or soLOL

...U OR relly good at this!!!

oihh yeah

im kinda dissapointed if i were him i'd do it all day i'd follow him around and type stuff life little girl wanna smoke my mexican sausage and other shit it was hilarious though make another would you like me to rub your balls that shits hysterical man and to all of you fuck ya little piss ants he made this funny the only reason people dont lke it is because there all i love the cripples there so lonely and that shit well shut it life sucks ok everybody has it bad and cripples who are in wheel chairs may not be able to walk but they cant work either so shut it every action has it's upsides and downsides thats science say you kill somebody yes you ended a life but there will one last person in the world to feed just to sit on there ass all day and feed off the tax payers money so there shut it you bitch 9/10 of you who hate this are women any way