Reviews for "Enormously bbq-ish day"


he took advantage of a CRIPPLE!.....................
i think im kinda cruel but i laughed a LOT at this video

stephen hawkings: 0, beefbbqburgurman: 100000!!!

stephen gawt pwnd dude!!

<----<(--_ )>-----<<< u can kill some1 u or soLOL

...U OR relly good at this!!!


ripping on cripples is hilarious! wow, just kidding..... hilarious movie.... awkward

Bbqbeefburgerman responds:

Yes. It is.

Right another masterful work

Everyone would love to do that kind of stuff, even more if BBQ supports it.

Graphic stuff, great, as always, I love all the pics, and the "noise" effect in all your movies. Animation, as always. Keep that.

No background music for this one, but finally there are Speakonia voices :D

Nothing more to say about it. Thank you kind sir for making this one.

Great work!

Bbqbeefburgerman responds:

Thank you kind sir for review.