Reviews for "Streamline"

l.o.v.e.d it

i love the song i havent pasted the 3rd part but i think there should be a sequal to it one were you prvide us songs to chose from

Yo are a genuis when i comes to ryrthm games

Dude this game is awsome

i managed to get all the way to the green gun

Love it

Love the game, love the song. By the way whats the name of the song?


i can't get pass the six cannons..where there is 3 top 3 bottom..great game..a little scratchy at first but the music and the game is wonderful.


Its a lot easier if your not trying to get badges from the game like on kongregate. On there you have to beat the game with atleast 1 life left for one badge and beat the game without losing a single life for the hardest badge....