Reviews for "Streamline"


Well title says it all...sept that its HARD AS HELL...sweet music nice style...Freakin sweet

best game ever!!

mostly i dont really play the games on newgrounds but this one definitely changewd my mind!! it is one of the best game i have ever played. I had to play it until i beat it.....which took a while but i enjoyed every minute of it. everything you did with this game was so amazing i cant wait for the next game you come out with


This is great. There is absolutly NOTHING else like it. Great job dude!


this is so damn awesome! the music owns and u just have crazy fun playing this!

A bit dificult, but a great game.

I would love to se a sequel of sorts to this game, but the one thing that irked me was that the cannons and the smasher things homed in on you. In other words, don't make the stuff track the cursor and just let the stuff go.