Reviews for "Streamline"

Totaly epic

It kinda hard, but the music is epic. plus the bad thing is you must multi-task to win.

Four out of ten

-It's too hard, I only made it to level two
+The music is good
-I hate multi-tasking, and this game has too much of it

All in all, this game gets a four. It's OK, but could use a LOT of work.

love the song

i love the song i suck at the game tho never really was good at rythm games

Great way to combine music and games

This game is pretty cool,its completely synched to the music!
But the only thing i don't like is that there's only 1 difficulty and its way too hard for the average gamer (like me lol) i for example can only survive like 40 secs,so i can only ''play'' like 1/6th part of the game... But other than that,its a great game,and be sure to make much more like this! :)

loved it

fun great game and loved the music